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Have you noticed how there is finally a design shift in new vehicles?  The Taurus/Sable jellybean look has finally been put to bed.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Fluidic design, head to toe, front to back


There’s the “Fluidic Sculpture” of Hyundai with sharp creases and flowing lines, arguably making as much ado as Mercedes-Benz these days.




Mercedes-Benz GLK detail



That Mercedes looks like it’s taking a leap forward. Especially on a GLK, note how the side accent lines race downwards, giving the impression of movement while standing still.




Mazda3 detail


Mazda tries to be true to its “Kodo” look, inspired by the power and beauty that one sees in the instantaneous movement of animals.





But what happened to voluptuous? Curves with shape and form?  Where’s the JLo of cars?  In what vehicle would Marilyn Monroe be seen?

I have two thoughts.

The rolling sculpture that is Maserati
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First, let’s look at the sublime Maserati GranTurismo.  The exaggerated haunches, the lustful fender accent lines, the slightly concave contour of its flanks all suggest that curvy, Coke bottle shape.  Surely this is a rolling piece of sculpture befitting our two celebrities.



Now, a nominee that some of you will think is somewhat controversial albeit far more affordable: The Nissan Maxima.


2009 Nissan Maxima

A testament to clean, integrated design, Maxima moves into its fifth year on sale, as fresh as the day it debuted.  There are no wasted character lines, each one integrating into the flow of the hood, fenders, doors and lights.  Lines start and finish properly, not for the sake of breaking up a side panel.  The raised rear trunk section is undoubtedly inspired by the 2001 BMW 7 Series, either much maligned or praised for its ‘Bangle Bustle’ (for the work of its designer, Chris Bangle).  That car went on to be the best selling BMW 7 Series of its kind.


2009 Nissan Maxima

These are my two choices.  To my eye, both are modern, classic designs; voluptuous, sensual and complete. Do weigh in with your own nominees.

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  1. Nicely said, Paul. I will weigh in with my personal favourite, the Mercedes CLK 550: classy, chic, curvy and cheeky. The newer version E class can’t hold a candle to it. But I would be willing to give it up for the Mercedes SLK 350 AMG – my empty-nester car.

    And in the way-out-of-my-budget category, the Bentley Continental GT oozes sophistication, tradition and sex appeal.

    What else gets my engine humming? What else kicks butt and looks good doing it? The Porsche Boxster – ideal for a drive in the French countryside, on a late summer’s day, with the man of my dreams.

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