It’s that time of year, when the Toronto Maple Leafs have been eliminated once again from the playoffs; where we rapidly transition from 100cm of snow on the ground to sunny days and temperatures in the low teens within a week; and we shift from snow covered roads to construction clogged detours.

Sounds like it’s time for the New York Auto Show.

Along with spring flowers, new models will bloom.  On the sports car front, a new Audi TT will contrast with the 2015 Mustang and the Corvette Z06.  The Kia Soul EV shares its two box layout with an all new Mini.  BMW has been updating its lineup, changing the 1 series to the 2 series, the 3 series coupe to the 4 series, and let’s throw in an updated X3 for good measure.  Infiniti will debut a new Q70 sedan (née M35/45) and QX80 SUV (the former QX56).  The perky Jeep Renegade, built from a platform shared with the Fiat 500 will bring a competitor to the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage family of smaller sport cutes.

That’s what we know for now.  The show promises a number of new models from Kia, Volkswagen (new Golf?), Audi and Acura (new TLX).  Your faithful scribe will attempt to gather many photos, pontificate on the meaning behind the new models, take the pulse of the industry, and try to have as many New York moments as possible.

Stay tuned.

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