Spied: Top Secret Telsa Model “T”

Much has been made of the soon-to-be-released Telsa Model X.  This will be Tesla’s foray into the sport utility market.  The Model Three, a more affordable sedan, is still on the drawing board.

Unknown until this past weekend, we discovered a new entry for Tesla.  With a more mainstream sedan, a luxury sedan and full-size sport utility on the market, Tesla will enter the light pickup truck market soon.

Spotted at the Buffalo Supercharger station, the heavily camouflaged truck is, as expected, not sale ready.  Further research reveals that it is almost identical to the previous generation Chevrolet Silverado, obviously trying to slot the new vehicle between the current mid-size (Chevrolet Colorado) and full-size (MY15 Silverado, F-150) truck offerings.  The truck will be charged at the front of the vehicle, rather than the hidden charge port on the left rear of the current
Model S.

Choosing to compete in the most brand loyal segment, pundits will ask if Tesla has bitten off more than it can chew.  But if Tesla can snag even a small sliver of the light truck market, the investment will be worthwhile.

Here’s a quickly grabbed shot of the new Tesla T.

tesla_tHere’s what I propose.  A group of electric vehicle owners gather and pull into a gasoline service station.  Park your vehicles at a pump, occupying every slot in the station.  Once parked, go into the attached convenience store and buy some candy.  By this time, there should be a good line-up of ICE vehicles waiting to get gas. They’ll be inconvenienced for about five minutes.  The driver of this truck had the potential to inconvenience a Telsa owner for a lot longer, depending on the state of charge.  There was ample standard parking available, but this person has a truck, and will park it wherever he/she chooses, even at a Telsa Supercharger.  Some US states are enacting legislation to prevent electric vehicle owners from being ‘ICE’d’ at charging stations, and since common decency can’t seem to prevail, I hope we see something similar in Ontario soon.

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