What is Vehicle Value?

What is a vehicle’s value?

Ever looked at a car and thought, “that seems like a great deal”?  Sure you have; if you’ve ever shopped for a car, you’ve experienced this feeling.  What we try to do, is quantify this feeling.

We take a look at over 400 features on any given vehicle.   We then compare one vehicle with another in its class, based on price, trim level features, leather interior, number of doors, or any combination of these attributes.

We look at what is common between both vehicles, and what is different. We then assign a very conservative dollar value to each feature that is different.  We factor in the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), and come up with a dollar value difference between the two vehicles.

When we can, we use the Manufacturer’s actual option price for a feature.  If the competing vehicle has this feature and the other vehicle isn’t actually equipped with it, we credit the competing vehicle with its value.  These prices are marked with an asterisk.

We take the mystery out of the terms auto manufacturers use, and strive for a common vocabulary.  For example, a feature that is found on more vehicles these days is the ability to unlock your car door without taking the key fob out of your pocket.  This feature is known as Keyless Go, Comfort Access, SmartPass, SmartKey, Keyless Access and Intelligent Key.  Since Nissan was the first to popularize this type of entry system, we call it Intelligent Key.

Stability Control is known as Vehicle Dynamic Control, Electronic Stability Program, StabiliTrac, AdvanceTrac, Vehicle Stability Assist, Vehicle Stability Control.   We just call it Stability Control.

You’ll still need to factor in your own information such as incentives or special lease or financing programs.  We give you the value story on the vehicle at MSRP.  However, (insert the fine print here), all the information we provide is subject to change.  We are not responsible for any errors or omissions.  Dealers may sell for less.  New features might be added. Cats may live with dogs.  Make sure of your information with the actual vehicle and manufacturer, since we won’t be held responsible for anything you do.



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